Push Square is one of the internet's leading video gaming sites and a large portion of that reputation has been built up by honest and impartial review scores. We also are a business and generate revenue from advertisers who are often advertising the products we review on our website.

In light of the new Federal Trade Commission Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (16 CFR Part 255), Push Square have created this advertising policy.


Push Square receives products (games, accessories, etc) from publishers, developers, retailers and other sources free of charge. These products are provided for the sole purpose of reviewing the product on our site, giving our subjective opinion to our readers.

Sending a product to Push Square does not guarantee a review. Push Square maintains complete discretion as to which products they review.

At the end of any review based on a product provided for free by the publisher, developer, retailer or other source, Push Square will disclose this information in the following manner:

Review copy provided by [name of publisher, developer, retailer or other source].

If no such disclaimer appears at the end of a review, this most likely means Push Square or the author of the review purchased/rented the product with our/their own funds.

Push Square occasionally receives download points/credits in order to download online games, content, etc for review where the physical product is unavailable or only exists in digital/download form.

Push Square receives no monetary compensation in exchange for their reviews of products provided for free, nor do Push Square accept any compensation, monetary or other, in order to influence a reviews outcome.

Paid advertising on Push Square also has no impact on our review scores, nor does it guarantee a review of an advertised product. Please see also our Scoring Policy.

All advertising agreements are conducted by dedicated sales staff and NOT by the staff reviewing the games themselves. There is no question of favouritism, bias or bribery; if an advertiser approached us suggesting that we offer positive scores in exchange for lucrative advertising deals, we would simply decline without hesitation and refuse to carry any further campaigns from that company.

Here at Push Square we value our integrity - without it, we would not have the dedicated and loyal readership we have today. While we can certainly appreciate that carrying adverts from major publishers can cause concerns, we hope that this explanation outlines our policy as clearly as possible.

Commissions / Affiliate Links

Occasionally we will direct link products on retailer websites such as Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy etc. within, but not limited to, our articles, reviews and social media posts. If we have an affiliate relationship with that retailer these links will contain a tracking code that allows us to earn a small percentage / referral fee should you go on and purchase items from that retailer.

We do not receive any monetary compensation from said retailers to determine which specific retailers or products appear or in what order. The products we decide to link are purely selected by our editorial team and we will always try to include links to products that we feel are the most useful and relevant for our audience.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our advertising policy, please feel free to come and discuss it with us.

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