Heavy Missile Launch Support is a Main Mission in Armored Core 6 that takes place in Chapter 3. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to share everything you need to know about Heavy Missile Launch Support.

Armored Core 6: Heavy Missile Launch Support

Armored Core 6: Heavy Missile Launch Support Guide 1
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Below you'll find an overview of the Main Mission called Heavy Missile Launch Support. We'll provide a brief Walkthrough, an Objective Log, details of any Collectibles, and any additional information you might find useful.


At the start of the Mission, make your way over to the other side of the bridge and destroy all the mechs there. Your job now is to defend the turrets on this side of the area for five minutes — their health is displayed on screen at the top. You'll now need to fend off waves of enemies. You're okay to lose the two Sub-Missiles, but the Mission is a failure if the Main Missile is destroyed. To make things a little easier, you can actually destroy the ships dropping in enemy mechs before they're deployed with a single round of missiles from the Songbirds.

At around the one-minute mark, a Heavy Warship will appear. Just like the previous one, though, it can be destroyed with two melee attacks to the bridge on top. Once it's down, the missiles can launch and the Mission will be complete.

Objective Log

  • Eliminate the Coyotes MT squad
  • Defend the main RaD missile


  • 160,000 COAM

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