How do you beat Ice Worm in Armored Core 6? This boss is at the end of the Main Mission called Destroy the Ice Worm, which concludes Chapter 3. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to reveal how to beat Ice Worm.

How Do You Beat Ice Worm in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6: How to Beat Ice Worm Guide 1
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Before loading into Destroy the Ice Worm, make sure you have the Stun Needle Launcher called VE-60SNA equipped to either your R-Back Unit or L-Back Unit. This is a required weapon. Once you're in the level, the Ice Worm will be burrowing in and out of the ground. What you need to do is orient yourself so its "face" is coming directly towards you. Then, use the VE-60SNA and shoot it. Take into account the weapon has a fairly long windup time, so you may need to press the trigger a little earlier than you'd normally think. A good way to track the boss is to use the compass at the bottom of the HUD. Landing a successful shot will take down the Ice Worm's Shield, which leaves your Allies open to down it with another weapon from long range.

Once this happens, the Ice Worm will fall to the ground and be open to damage. At this point, shoot it with missiles and get in close for some melee attacks. Depending on how much damage you deal, you'll need to repeat this process another two or three times.

When the Ice Worm's health reaches roughly one-third, it'll start destroying your Allies. When you get the chance, shoot the boss' face again with the VE-60SNA. You'll need to do this twice to gain access to the final damage phase. When it goes down, give it your all and rid the boss of its remaining health.

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