Ocean Crossing is a Main Mission in Armored Core 6 that concludes Chapter 2. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to share everything you need to know about Ocean Crossing.

Armored Core 6: Ocean Crossing

Armored Core 6: Ocean Crossing Guide 1
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Below you'll find an overview of the Main Mission called Ocean Crossing. We'll provide a brief Walkthrough, an Objective Log, details of any Collectibles, and any additional information you might find useful.


At the start of the Mission, travel forward and take the lift up to the top. You'll be back out in the open with an objective marker to head towards, but be warned of the laser that's targeting you. To avoid it, drop below the open path and use the indoor buildings below to navigate your way to the objective. As long as you have solid rust in between you and the red lasers, you won't take damage. Once you reach the objective marker, you'll be out of the range of the laser so you're free to return to the open air.

Once you've eliminated all the enemies in the following area, make sure to Supply on the right and then interact with the container. Out of the box comes the Sea Spider, which you'll need to take down to progress. For more information, check out our How to Beat Sea Spider guide.

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Objective Log

  • Reach the center of Grid 086's upper level
  • Board the container on the cargo launcher
  • Destroy the C-weapon Sea Spider


  • 330,000 COAM

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