Are you looking for a Trophy guide for Armored Core 6? As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we are going to help you get all Trophies and reveal how to get the Platinum. Our Trophy roadmap will cover questions like whether there are any Missable Trophies or Difficulty Related Trophies.

Due to the nature of the content on this page, please note that there are Armored Core 6 spoilers below. Whilst we have tried to keep everything as spoiler-free as possible, clicking through to other pages may well reveal plot points and late-game scenarios.

Armored Core 6 Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum

Armored Core 6 Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum 1
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Armored Core 6 has 30 Trophies, including the Platinum Trophy. In this part of our Armored Core 6 Trophy guide, we will reveal our Trophy Roadmap, and then detail whether there are any Missable Trophies or Difficulty Related Trophies separately.

Trophy Roadmap

To unlock the Platinum Trophy, you'll need to complete the game once, and then a further two times on New Game+ and New Game++. This is because there are three different endings, each of which requires a separate playthrough to experience. Different Decisions must be made to reach them, which requires an assortment of different Missions. When finishing each playthrough, you'll need to complete all Arena battles, and gaining S Ranks must be left to the Replay Mission option. You don't earn Mission Ranks on your first go. In short, it's a lengthy process to unlock the Platinum Trophy, requiring you to make the right Decisions at certain times. If you don't, another playthrough will be required of you.

Are There Any Missable Trophies?

There are no missable Trophies in the game, mostly thanks to the way New Game+ works. When you complete the campaign once, the game automatically starts you back at the start of Chapter 1, but you're able to select the Replay Missions option from the Sortie menu to return to every level you've completed. You'll need to do a few playthroughs to unlock different Missions, but you won't be put in a position where you've completely missed unlocking a Trophy. Just keep in mind that if you make the wrong Decision, you will need to do an extra playthrough to make the right choice and unlock the required content.

Do Difficulty Options Affect Trophies?

Difficulty options don't affect Trophies as Armored Core 6 doesn't have any. Much like other FromSoftware titles, the game has a single difficulty level that runs through the whole experience and can't be changed.

Trophy Guide

Armored Core 6 Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum 2
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In this part of our Armored Core 6 Trophy guide, we will list all Trophies and provide explanations for unlocking them all. Doing so will give you the Platinum Trophy and 100 per cent completion.

Armored Core

Platinum: Acquired all trophies.

Unlock the other 29 Trophies on this list and you'll be automatically given the Platinum Trophy.

The Perfect Mercenary

Gold: Cleared all missions with an S Rank rating.

Every Mission in the game comes with its own rating, which you can earn after the story. For more information, please refer to our How to Earn Mission Ranks guide.


Gold: Cleared all missions.

Accessing and then completing every Mission in the game will require three playthroughs. For more information, refer to our all Missions list.

Master of Arena

Gold: Cleared all Arena programs.

An initial 29 Arena programs are available during your first playthrough of the game, but you'll need to beat it two more times in New Game+ and New Game++ to unlock this Trophy. Once you've defeated every enemy mech across all three playthroughs, the Trophy unlocks.

Asset Holder

Gold: Obtained all parts.

In order to unlock this Trophy, you'll need to acquire every Part available in the entire game. Essentially, it automatically unlocks after getting Weapon Collector, External Parts Collector, Internal Parts Collector, and Expansion Collector.

Tuning Expert

Gold: Performed all OS upgrades.

You'll need close to 200 OST Chips to afford every OS Tuning upgrade in the game, which isn't doable on your first playthrough. Therefore, beat all Arena battles and then do so a second time in New Game+ until you have enough to afford every upgrade.

The Fires of Raven

Silver: Reached ending: "The Fires of Raven".

The ending you get in the game is defined by the Decision you make when Missions give you the option. This will happen a few times throughout the campaign. To earn The Fires of Raven ending, play the following Missions:

Choosing these Missions makes Shut Down the Closure Satellites the last one in your playthrough, which leads to The Fires of Raven ending.

Liberator of Rubicon

Silver: Reached ending: "Liberator of Rubicon".

To get the Liberator of Rubicon ending, choose to play the following Missions:

These Decisions will make Bring Down the Cylem your final Mission, thus unlocking the Liberator of Rubicon ending.

Alea lacta Est

Silver: Reached ending: "Alea lacta Est".

The Alea lacta Est ending can only be unlocked on a New Game++ playthrough. Make the following Decisions and choose to play these Missions to get it:

  • Attack the Dam Complex (choose the "Accept" on-screen prompt)
  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Coral Export Denial
  • Complete all Arena battles
  • Eliminate V.III

This sequence of events and Missions eventually leads to Coral Release, which includes the Alea lacta Est ending.

Weapon Collector

Silver: Obtained all weapon parts.

This Trophy requires you to get every Weapon in the R-Arm Unit, L-Arm Unit, L-Back Unit, and R-Back Unit categories.

External Parts Collector

Silver: Obtained all frame parts.

To get this Trophy, you must gather all Parts for a mech's Head, Core, Legs, and Arms.

Internal Parts Collector

Silver: Obtained all inner parts.

To unlock this Trophy, you'll need to acquire every Part in the Booster, FCS, and Generator categories.

Expansion Collector

Silver: Obtained all Core Expansions.

You can get all the Core Expansions by unlocking them in the OS Tuning menu in the Garage. OST Chips are sourced from the Arena, and then you can spend them on unlocking all the Core Expansions to get this Trophy. There are four in total.

Combat Log Collector

Silver: Obtained all combat logs.

Combat Logs are collectibles you'll find on certain enemy mechs; they're denoted by a little file icon in the top-left of your aiming reticule. Collect them all to unlock this Trophy.

Data Log Collector

Silver: Obtained ten data logs.

You should unlock this Trophy naturally as you play through the campaign. Some Missions require you to pick up Data Logs, so it would be difficult to not unlock this Trophy.

Testing Complete

Silver: Cleared all combat aptitude evaluation programs in the Arena.

You'll earn this Trophy for completing all Arena battles (29 of them) during your first playthrough.

Illegal Entry

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Illegal Entry".

Illegal Entry is the very first Mission in the game. Complete it to unlock the Trophy.

Operation Wallclimber

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Operation Wallclimber".

Operation Wallclimber takes place towards the end of Chapter 1. Finish it and the Trophy is yours.


Bronze: Cleared mission: "Attack the Watchpoint".

Attack the Watchpoint is the final Mission in Chapter 1. Beat it and you'll unlock the Trophy.

Ocean Crossing

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Ocean Crossing".

Ocean Crossing is the last Mission in Chapter 2. You'll unlock the Trophy once it's complete.

A New Threat

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Attack the Old Spaceport".

Attack the Old Spaceport takes place roughly two-thirds of the way through Chapter 3. Finish it and you'll get the Trophy.

Ayre and the Coral

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Destroy the Ice Worm".

Destroy the Ice Worm is the final Mission in Chapter 3. Conquer it to unlock the Trophy.

Into Unknown Territory

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Underground Exploration - Depths 3".

Underground Exploration - Depth 3 takes place in Chapter 4. Finish it to get a Trophy.


Bronze: Cleared mission: "Reach the Coral Convergence".

Reach the Coral Convergence is the last Mission in Chapter 4. Beat it and you'll have the Trophy.

The Floating City

Bronze: Cleared mission: "Take the Uninhabited Floating City".

Take the Uninhabited Floating City is the second Mission in Chapter 5. Complete it to get the Trophy.


Bronze: Cleared mission: "MIA".

MIA is only available on your New Game++ playthrough, and you must make the right Decisions prior to unlock it. You must play the following Missions to access it: Attack the Dam Complex (accept the screen prompt), Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech, Eliminate the Enforcement Squads, Coral Export Denial, Eliminate V.III.

Training Complete

Bronze: Cleared all training programs.

From the Sortie menu in the Garage, you're able to do some Training as well as Missions. Finish all the Training levels to unlock the Trophy.

Hardware Engineer

Bronze: Assembled an AC.

As soon as you swap out a Part on your mech for a new one, you'll unlock this Trophy.

Software Engineer

Bronze: Upgraded your AC's OS.

After progressing through the campaign enough, you'll unlock the OS Tuning menu in the Garage. Acquire some OST Chips from the Arena, and then spend them on an OS Tuning Upgrade. You'll unlock the Trophy after purchasing your first one.

Graphic Designer

Bronze: Changed the coloration of your AC.

When editing your mech in the Garage, select the Decals option and you can give it a new lick of paint for a Trophy.

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