Looking for how to fix blurry or unclear image quality on PSVR2? Sony's next-gen virtual reality headset is packing a 4K HDR screen, so if you're experiencing blurry, unclear, vague, distorted, or out of focus image quality then there may be something wrong. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to solve this problem, so as part of our PSVR2 guide, we're going to explain how to fix blurry or unclear image quality.

PSVR2: How to Fix Blurry or Unclear Image Quality

PSVR2 isn't perfect, and you should expect some small degree of blurring while wearing the headset. This can occur for a number of reasons: some games run at a lower resolution than others, for example, which can contribute to a softer overall image. However, your games should never look particularly out of focus or foggy, and so on this page we're going to talk you through some steps you can take to improve the clarity of your headset.

Clean the Lenses

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The first, and easiest thing, we'd recommend is to clean your lenses. Even if you're taking care of your PSVR2 — storing it away when not in use, and not making contact with the lenses — they can still get foggy or smeared. This may accidentally occur when you're putting the PSVR2 on your face, for example. Temperature changes and humidity can also lead to fogging on the glass, which will naturally obscure your view.

To eliminate this issue, and to maintain your headset properly, we'd recommend giving the lenses a gentle clean before use. All you need is a dry microfibre cloth — the kind you use on prescription glasses — which you can use to gently rub away any excess moisture, dust, or grease. Do not use water, alcohols, or spirits — just give the lenses a gentle rubdown using your microfibre cloth, and then reapply your headset to see if it's improved the image quality at all.

Wear the Headset Properly

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There is a sweet spot on the PSVR2's lenses which will give you the best possible image quality. If you look around the edges of the lenses, you may find some aspects of the picture look distorted, which is normal. As a result, blurry images can occur when you're not wearing the headset correctly.

You can find more general tips and tricks in our How to Wear the Headset Correctly and Comfortably guide, but one thing we'd specifically recommend is you pay attention to the 'Make sure you've got your controllers' message that appears when you're putting your PSVR2 on. Before tightening the headset around your head, pull in the visor so it fits comfortably against your face, and then spend a moment massaging the front band around your forehead until the aforementioned text is vivid and sharp. If the picture is significantly out of focus, try pulling the rear band down further towards your neck, allowing the screen to move up. Only when the message is perfectly clear should you fix the headset in place.

Once you've picked up your controllers and are ready to play, we'd recommend you exit to the PS5's user interface and check all of the images and text appear clear and focused there, too. If there's still a little blurriness, delicately move the front band around your head once more until everything comes into focus. You may need to tighten the fit once more to ensure everything stays in place.

Align the Lenses

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If you've followed all of the above steps and you're still encountering a blurry or unclear image, then there may be a problem with the alignment of your lenses. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed. Push the PlayStation button on one of your controllers to bring up the PSVR2 Activity Card, and select the Adjust Visibility option. This will instruct you to use the wheel on the top of your headset to align your lenses.

We'd recommend adjusting the wheel slowly backwards and forwards until you find the right setting. Try to keep your eyes neutral during the entire process, and resist the temptation to focus on any of the text or images on screen. When you've found the sweet spot, the PS5 will make a confirmation noise to confirm everything is setup properly. Remember, you may need to repeat this process for different players if you're planning to pass the headset around.

Make Sure Eye Tracking Is Correctly Calibrated

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A number of PSVR2 games use eye tracking for foveated rendering, which is a technology that focuses the bulk of the PS5's power on the things you're looking at. This means that objects and geometry in your peripheral vision may be rendered at a lower quality. Of course, if your eye tracking is not calibrated correctly, this can cause a problem.

To fix this, bring up the PSVR2 Activity Card by pushing the PlayStation button, and scroll all the way down to Eye Tracking. Select Adjust Eye Tracking and a test screen will appear where you can activate several coloured orbs by looking at them. If you're able to successfully activate all of them without any issues, then your eye tracking is fine. If not, you can choose to recalibrate it from the test screen.

Did this guide successfully show you how to fix blurry or unclear image quality on PSVR2? Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments section below, and be sure to check out our PSVR2 guide for more information.