Did you ever wonder how we decide upon the score which goes alongside our reviews? Wonder no more, our scoring policy is designed to explain all.

Firstly the most important thing to remember is that ALL reviews are based on the subjective opinion of the reviewer. Because of this you may not agree with the author's words, that's OK we're big enough to accept that but it does not signify a review as being "wrong".

Our reviews have a fair description of the gameplay and any flaws as we perceive them. The overall score is useful for context, but should not be relied upon solely, it is a guideline for comparison and should not be taken out of context.

Our scoring system is not a mathematical equation, nor is it an average. Our scores are based on the quality of the game and how the review feels it fits into the other games around it. Our score descriptions are as follows:

10/10 – Outstanding

The pinnacle of a given genre at the time of release, these titles raise the bar in virtually all critical categories. You can be sure that a game awarded this score has the highest quality presentation and expertly honed gameplay, but also breaks boundaries and pushes the industry forward in a meaningful manner.

9/10 – Excellent

A categorical must buy for fans of a given genre, these titles execute on their vision excellently, with only the most minor of drawbacks. A game awarded this score ensures an excellent experience across the board, but it may not charter new territory or convert players to a genre that they've previously ignored.

8/10 – Great

An accomplished experience, these titles excel in crucial areas, mitigating any shortcomings encountered elsewhere. A game awarded this score may have an outstanding gameplay loop or an incredibly compelling story. Other releases awarded this score may be content confidently re-treading familiar ground.

7/10 – Good

A good game with more positives than negatives, these titles are not average in our eyes. A release awarded this score may lack ambition or polish, but still offers a quality experience. Fans of a given genre should not overlook a game with this score, but may want to consider which areas we felt let the experience down.

6/10 – Not Bad

An above average experience with some flaws, you may still enjoy these titles. A release awarded this score may have evident ambitions which aren't properly realised, or obvious shortcomings which detract from the overall experience. We'll always illustrate in our review which aspects failed to impress.

5/10 – Average

A middle of the road release with both positives and negatives, these titles are average. A game awarded this score may be uninspired, unfinished in key areas, or represent poor value for money. It'll still have redeeming features, though, and you'll need to determine if they're important enough to you to mitigate any flaws.

4/10 – Below Par

A below average experience with many flaws, these titles fall short of the mark in several areas, but may still have redeeming qualities that make them appealing to a certain type of player. A release awarded this score may have an uninviting gameplay loop that requires a specific mind-set, or good ideas which are executed poorly.

3/10 – Poor

A poor game with more negatives than positives, these titles disappoint in almost all areas. There may still be minor redeeming qualities here, but a release awarded this score should generally be avoided unless you're in love with the concept. Anticipate shoddy presentation, lousy controls, and/or a lack of ambition across the board.

2/10 – Bad

A bad release with almost no redeeming qualities, these titles fail in almost every department. Fans of a given genre can be assured that there are better experiences already available in the same category, as a game awarded this score will struggle to fulfil even the most basic of expectations.

1/10 – Awful

An awful experience which should be avoided, these titles are disastrous. A game awarded this score will have zero redeeming qualities, and may not even operate as advertised.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our scoring policy, please come and discuss it with us.

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