At this point we've seen a lot of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, but this new trailer in particular presents some great looking PS5 gameplay. The six-minute video isn't uncut — and seems to jump between the excursions of two different parties — but it really does sell the title's flashy combat system.

Quick combo attacks and a responsive dodge are at the core of battle, while each character boasts their own unique set of special attacks, which are governed by individual cooldowns. Much like what you'd find in a traditional RPG, some moves are meant for dealing damage, and others can be used to support your party with buffs. You can even inflict status effects on your foes with specific attacks, freezing them in place with an icy blast or staggering them with a mighty blow — both of which can even leave bosses open to a barrage from the rest of your team.

Honestly, the only thing we're not keen on is the party's squeaky-voiced mascot, Vyrn. And if Vyrn's dialogue is getting to us in a six-minute gameplay video, we'll be beyond tired of it after dozens of quests in the full release.

We've still got quite a while to wait for Granblue Fantasy: Relink and its February 2024 release date, but are you raring to go in this highly promising action RPG? Practice those combos in the comments section below.