When Crimson Desert was first announced at The Game Awards in 2020, many wondered whether the clearly ambitious title was simply too good to be true. And now, close to three years later, we've got our next glimpse at South Korean developer Peal Abyss' project.

To be frank, it looks ridiculous. The longer this trailer goes on, the more you realise just how much this open world RPG is trying to do. It seems to have everything, from a crazy combat system and a massive map to strange side quests and law-breaking activities. There's even a bit of Assassin's Creed style parkour later on, and those huge medieval battles certainly raise an eyebrow.

As the headline of this article indicates, it's hard to tell whether the finished product will deliver on all of this potential. Again, going by this gameplay, we've got a seriously ambitious title on our hands.

What do you make of Crimson Desert? Could it be the real deal, or is this trailer pushing things a bit far? Choose whether you're a believer in the comments section below.