Dragon Age Dreadwolf Release Window

Hot off the back of the unfortunate news that BioWare is cutting roughly 50 jobs, it's now sounding like Dragon Age: Dreadwolf — the studio's next game — is still a long way off. This is according to Jeff Grubb, who's been in-the-know with regards to BioWare in the past.

In his latest video, Grubb states that Dreadwolf was actually targeting a September 2023 release window at one point, but that plan was obviously cancelled some time ago. He now believes that the RPG — which has been in a troubled development cycle for around seven years — will launch in summer 2024 at the earliest. Grubb goes on to say that further delays are likely.

For Dragon Age fans — and indeed, BioWare fans — things are looking a little bleak. Again, it's no secret that Dreadwolf has endured a lot of internal upheaval, with the project being reset at least once and numerous developers coming and going, but a good showing in the relatively near future could restore some faith. Let's hope it happens.

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[source youtube.com, via twitter.com]