Strategy RPG Lost Eidolons puts us in mind of a grittier Fire Emblem, eschewing the colour but none of the tactics. It's out today on PS5, and we got a trailer looking at some of the exciting set-piece battles that await.

Lost Eidolons tells a cinematic story of a waning empire riven by civil war from the perspective of Eden. Eden is the unwilling leader of a mercenary outfit in the employ of the Conqueror King, a once benevolent dictator now, predictably, turned tyrant. Like Fire Emblem, exploration isn't really a focus here, and you can expect to play through a linear series of chapters and face plenty of combat.

Training troops from beyond their base classes into powerful combatants will be essential to overcoming the challenges ahead. It even has an Undo feature, meaning that you can rewind time up to 10 times in an encounter if you need to rethink earlier moves.

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