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The school summer holidays are drawing to a slow conclusion, but there are still a mountain of video games to get through. In fact, the schedule gets so hectic from here on out, you may need more than the weekends to get through it all.

Aaron Bayne

I'm on reviewing duties for Firewall Ultra, so I'll be donning Sony's headset for the weekend. Coincidentally, No Man's Sky finally added foveated rendering to its PSVR2 version which I'm also testing out, so I'm going full virtual world for the next few days.

Khayl Adam

While Baldur’s Gate 3 continues, I wanted a lighter change of pace and picked up Dave the Diver on Steam Deck. Looking forward to diving in, it’s meant to be really good!

Stephen Tailby

I'll be finishing up my time with Sea of Stars. Obviously I can't say anything more right now, but a review is coming soon.

So, a relatively short but sweet WAYP this week from our team, but let's keep the comments as active as ever. What are you playing this weekend? Let us know below.